3-piece Olive Wood Utensils

3-piece Olive Wood Utensils

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12-inch Ladle, 13-inch Slotted Spoon, and 13-inch Spatula 


HANDCRAFTED – Our products are made by skilled artisans from Tunisia.


FAIR TRADE - We support Tunisian businesses through fair prices in exchange for their products.


DURABLE, BEAUTIFUL, AND SMOOTH WOODEN KITCHEN UTENSILS – Olive wood originated in the Mediterranean Basin, and Tunisia is known to have the largest growing olive trees in the whole world. The wood is known for being rigid, beautiful, and smooth. It is also very durable and robust.


PERFECT CHEFS’ TOOL – The tools have a comfy feel to it while in your hands. It is very smooth and lightweight. It is also non-stick, and it prevents scratching and damaging those expensive non-stick pots and pans.


EASY TO CLEAN AND STORE - To preserve its beauty, always remember to hand wash the olive wood kitchen utensils. Always wash by hand using soap and water. Olive wood has its own natural oils, so you do not have to apply oil all the time. Finally, it’s better to wipe lightly the utensils with food-grade minerals or sunflower oil.